Board Election Bio – Tim Mortenson

Tim has operated Continuum Health Care Services for 28 years since it’s inception.  Tim and his team oversee the support services which Continuum provides for the 10 managed facilities and numerous other facilities which they serve with a variety of support services from nurse consultation, crisis management, mock surveys and support as well as billing Medicare/Medicaid billing support services. Tim has always believe that Continuum was developed for the primary purpose of assisting facilities to grow and survive in this ever changing health care environment.  Prior to developing Continuum Tim service as a Vice President, Regional Director for a large national health care provider.

 Tim has served IHCA as well as the Iowa facilities by serving and supported the associations mission by his work on the board for many years.  He has successfully served as Director at Large.  Tim has been very involved in the political arena and has either been directly involved in and strongly supported the Washington meetings. It has been through these meetings that significant changes were able to be made which greatly reduced the regulatory issues we saw several years ago and well as addressing potential rules and regulation impact.  Tim has been an avid supporter of the IHCA PAC and has been the recipient of the President’s Award for his annual contributions.   It is through the PAC and our lobbying efforts that IHCA has been able to have the successful influence it has enjoyed both locally and nationally.

 Tim has been involved in long term care for over 42 years and has had a dedicated focus on the service of independent community owned and operated facilities. A significant percentage of the Continuum facilities that they manage and work with are Faith Based Organizations. In addition to his direct service for facilities, he serves as an adjunct instructor in the health care certificate program providing keep insight to financial management as well overall management skills for administrators.