Board Election Bio – Ron Osby

Ron is currently the Executive Director at Iowa Jewish Senior Life Center. Mr. Osby has been a licensed Administrator for over 30 years in both large facility and small facility settings in urban and rural arenas. Over this time he has been an active member of IHCA in both the legislative and regulatory processes. Ron has served on IHCA Education Committee from 2006 and is also a current member of the IHCA survey Committee. He has been a Director-at-Large since 2011 to 2018. In 2010, Mr. Osby was honored with the IHCA Administrator of the Year Award.

Ron states, “There have been countless changes in the Long Term Care field during this time, and has been a part of those changes both at the facility level and with the legislative efforts on behalf of my fellow colleagues. I love my chosen profession and enjoy coming to work each day and making a difference in the lives of the residents we serve.”