Board Election Bio – Carri Stone

Carri Stone…wife, mom, and innovative manager of six Iowa facilities…I started my career in Assisted Living in 2001 as a part- time Activity Director at Park Lane Assisted Living. I knew immediately I had found my calling and quickly wanted to move forward and advance my career in this arena. I became the full time Activity Director/Assistant Manager and took the first Assisted Living Management class that ICAL offered in 2003. I became the Administrator of Park Lane of Knoxville’s sister facility, Maple Ridge Assisted Living of Oskaloosa in November 2004. I was the Administrator of Park Lane and Maple Ridge from May 2004 until 2007. Since 2007 I have been the Manager of Maple Ridge and a Regional Manager over several of our Iowa Communities. I have always been a strong supporter of ICAL/ IHCA and firmly believe in their efforts to keep assisted living just that, “assisted living”. I am also very passionate about serving the low income elderly of Iowa by providing and supporting the Elderly Waiver program. I feel that all senior citizens should have an equal opportunity to have quality care in their final years. I am proud that I have lead my team through three consecutive deficiency free surveys and also have guided many of my other buildings through the process as well. I am a member of the Education Committee and Quality Committee through ICAL. Maple Ridge Assisted Living is celebrating their well deserved 2013 AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award at the Bronze-Commitment to Quality Level. I am honored at the opportunity to be considered for one of the Director-at-large positions on the ICAL Board of Directors.  I look forward to conquering the challenges we face as an association while providing quality care to the elderly residents of Iowa.