Board Election Bio – Angie Nowak

I am originally from Council Bluffs, Iowa.  I attended the University of Iowa during both my Undergraduate Years and my Graduate years and received a Masters in Speech Pathology in December of 1991.  My sister is deaf; therefore, I grew up signing and I was able to pay for my graduate program by teaching Sign Language to Undergraduates at the University of Iowa.

My first job upon graduation was as a Rehab Director in a Skilled Nursing Facility (Brown Deer Nursing and Rehab) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I started that job in January of 1992 and I was in charge of their Therapy Department.  I worked as the Rehab Director until August of 1995, at which time I moved back to Iowa and took a position as a Rehab Director at Manor Care Nursing and Rehab. I worked in that position until my husband and I started Therapy Solutions, which was initially a contract Therapy Company.

We started Therapy Solutions in May of 1996 and we contracted our small company out of 2 Home Health Agencies in the Cedar Rapids area.  We then started our own Home Health Agency and continued to contract our Therapists out of Skilled and Non-skilled Facilities, which included Methwick, Linn Manor, and Winslow House in Cedar Rapids, as well as Oaknoll and Greenwood Manor in Iowa City, Kalona Skilled Nursing Home, and the Wilton Care Center.

We eventually started an Outpatient Therapy Clinic in Cedar Rapids (1999-2009) and then dabbled in selling Medical Supplies for a few years (2009-2013), while growing the Home Health Agency.

Our Home Health Agency was getting larger and we eventually got rid of the Outpatient Clinic and Medical Supply Company and continued to focus only on the Home Health Agency, which is where my comfort level is.

My position at our company, 23 years ago, started out as providing Speech Therapy Services and being the Administrator, which also included billing all services and completing claims appeals.  I stopped providing Speech Therapy Services approximately 10 years ago and I only focus on Administrative duties and Billing/Claims Appeals.

I love billing and have done it for 23 years.  It’s been a challenge lately but if you push and push and never give up, you do eventually get your billing questions answered or figured out on your own.

I would absolutely love the opportunity to serve on your board and I would work hard to provide input that could help our Industry.  I’ve been very impressed with IHCA and would love to be a part of it.

I hope that you consider me for the position on the ICHC Board.

Thank you,

Angie Nowak