Twenty long-term care professionals graduate from Iowa Health Care Association Leadership Academy

Twenty Iowa long-term care professionals graduated from the Iowa Health Care Association (IHCA) Leadership Academy this week in West Des Moines.

The academy is an intensive one-year leadership course for licensed nursing home administrators, assisted living directors, home care agency directors and directors of nursing who work in long-term care, assisted living and home care settings. Through the academy, students build leadership skills to drive quality improvements at their organizations. Specific areas of focus include achieving workplace excellence, managing change, assuring quality, improving organizational performance and navigating the post-acute care landscape.

“As we face a growing aging population, the need for future leaders in the long-term care profession has never been more important. These graduates are to be commended for their commitment to providing quality care by investing their time and effort into completing this training program,” said Mary Jane Carothers, vice president of quality improvement and clinical affairs for the Iowa Health Care Association. “The skills they have gained during the academy will directly benefit those receiving long-term care in their communities.”

The graduates completed academic surveys, an orientation webinar, in-person meetings and networking conference calls during the year-long program. They also completed an individualized quality improvement project for their organizations as part of the course. Project topics ranged from reducing staff turnover, improving customer satisfaction and improving clinical outcomes for the patients they serve.

This is the third group of graduates to complete the academy. The academy is made possible by a sponsorship from Healthcare of Iowa.

View the list of graduates here.