Workforce resources now available

Finding and retaining a qualified workforce is one of the largest challenges facing long-term care providers. To help providers attract and retain qualified caregivers, the Iowa Health Care Association (IHCA), American Health Care Association (ACHA) and National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) offer a variety of workforce resources.

AHCA/NCAL offers its online Workforce Resource Center, which includes resources and tools for its members to learn more about effective strategies for recruiting, retention and staff development.  ACHA/NCAL also have announced a partnership with PHI, a leading provider of workforce training programs. PHI offers a range of services that help providers attract quality workers, promote excellent care, reduce turnover and achieve cost efficiencies. AHCA/NCAL and PHI will provide coaching, training and consulting to help long-term care providers deliver quality care.

IHCA also offers workforce resources specific to Iowa’s long-term care providers. IHCA resources include career resources to help recruit qualified workers and to educate potential candidates on career paths available in the long-term care industry. IHCA members can also use ICHA’s online career center to post open positions. To help providers retain their key employees, IHCA offers a variety of educational opportunities to help employees grow and develop in their careers. ICHA is also developing additional online resources for workforce recruitment and development in 2019.

For questions, contact Julie Adair, VP, Home Care & Workforce at 800.422.3106.