LUPA rate recalculation

As many of you know, last month, DHS released home health rebase figures which if implemented would have had extraordinarily negative consequences for providers across the state. IHCA challenged the findings, and staff have had a number of meetings with DHS this month in an effort to have the numbers revisited. Yesterday we learned in a meeting with DHS that our efforts have resulted in a recalculation of the rebased rates for July 1, 2017.  

The recalculation has moved the rates 5% closer to the Medicare 2017 LUPA rates from the original calculation! This substantial swing in our direction means that instead of rates decreasing by 3% to 8% for virtually every provider in the state, the new rebase has a range from -2.4% to +2.6%. See the new home health rebase schedule, ICHC received from DHS yesterday.

DHS will be initiating a new Informational Letter and rate information out to all the HHA and the MCOs.

Questions? Contact Brandon Hagen, IHCA Vice President Managed Care & Reimbursement, at 800.422.3106.