Steil to represent ICHC at national level

Joanie Steil, Iowa Center for Home Care, Board Chair, has been selected to participate in the strategic planning of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) 2.0 in April.

Project NAHC 2.0 is a top to bottom evaluation of the organization with everything on the table for consideration, refinement, and re-engineering. It is intended to be transformational in all respects. Joanie will help design the transformation on behalf of Iowa Center for Home Care members and the national home care and hospice community at large. This is a challenging, but very exciting opportunity, and ICHC is proud to have Joanie representing our members.

The planning team consists of representatives from a variety of home care and hospice providers, business support partners, state associations, NAHC Board, and NAHC staff along with representatives from outside the home care and hospice community. The April session will be led by a facilitation team expert in helping organizations improve and transform their culture and operation.