The Future of SNF Reimbursement
Speaker: Jill Sumner, American Health Care Association  
  Discover the future direction of skilled care reimbursement and how it will impact nursing facilities in Iowa. This informative session presented by national experts, will give details on recent information that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released on the patient driven payment model as well as an introduction to new concepts surrounding Medicare Advantage - including Institutional Special Needs Plans and Provider Networks.

DHS - Medicaid Application Process Review
Speaker: Dawn Helm, Iowa Department of Human Services
  This session will provide an overview of the Medicaid application process and details describing the flow of an application with timelines. Discussion will include the qualifications for Medicaid approval, financial screening tools, advice on minimizing the risk of eligibility denial and collection strategies, the most common additional information requests, getting assistance for outstanding cases, preventing delays in the Medicaid application process, and other issues related to Medicaid eligibility.

Iowa Total Care Program Overview
Speaker: Bryan Sanders, Iowa Total Care
  This session will be an introduction to Iowa’s newest Medicaid Managed Care Organization which will offer an overview of their operations in the state.  The presentation will include information on their requirements for prior authorization, billing procedures and management of the transition of members when they begin on July 1, 2019.

Current Iowa Medicaid System Update (Rebase, QAAF, 85% Rule and more)
Speaker: Jeff Steggerda, Brighton Consulting Group
  Medicaid reimbursement expert Jeff Steggerda will go in depth on Medicaid reimbursement rates and case mix impacts. The focus of the discussion will be on the impact of the recently approved Quality Assurance Assessment Fee (QAAF), a rebasing update, ways to maximize your returns in the program, estimated timing of pay-in and pay-out, and the most recent Medicaid updates.