Leadership Academy Program Overview

Today’s world of long term care support services and post-acute care is highly complex and grows more complicated each year.  It takes highly competent leadership to manage a successful, quality care organization.  Unfortunately, long term and post-acute care managers often do not learn practical leadership skills and effective quality management strategies in their core training programs.  Historically many of these competencies have been learned “on the job”. As a result, many promising leaders end up frustrated and move from facility to facility or worse, look for a more hospitable career path. 

Recent interviews with AHCA Gold and Silver Quality Award winners shows that achieving excellence in these settings takes more than just being able to manage the “day to day” operations of an organization.  These award-winning leaders identified these critical competencies necessary for success: Systems level thinking; Visionary leadership/strategic planning; Communication skills;

Customer service excellence; Quality assurance and performance improvement programs

Program Topics

This intensive training program is designed to elevate knowledge, build skills and promote targeted competencies for leaders who work in long term care and Assisted living settings.

  1. Workplace Excellence
  • Includes leadership, workforce stability, person centered care practices, art of communication, and staff empowerment.
  1. Achieving and Sustaining Change.
  • Vision and mission led organization, strategic planning, managing change, technology, future trends, professional advocacy, and resources for excellence.
  1. QAPI – Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement
  • QAPI in action, data mechanics and management, quality initiatives, key partners, and transparency
  1. The Changing Post-Acute Care Landscape
  • Patient safety in post-acute care, managed care, new reimbursement models, and requirements of participation.

Program Participants & Participation Requirements

The target audience for this course is licensed nursing home administrators, assisted living directors, home care agency directors or directors of nursing who have at least 2 years of experience in the profession.  Participants will be limited to a small group of applicants showing interest in and commitment to operationalizing the skills, techniques, and strategies covered by the course through individualized quality improvement projects and assignments to be conducted over a 9-12-month period in their respective organizations.

Participants will be required to participate in pre and post academy surveys, an orientation webinar, 5 in-person meetings, and 5 networking conference calls. Additionally, participants must commit to using LTC Trend Tracker, track employee turnover and must complete an individualized quality improvement project that will be shared with the other Leadership Academy participants.