Fall prevention in nursing homes, assisted living and home care settings continues to be a major focus for quality improvement in patient safety. This workshop will review strategies that healthcare professionals can utilize to prevent falls and promote resident/patient safety.  Discussion will focus on how to analyze the internal, external, system conditions and operations, which may have contributed to resident/patient falls.  There will also be a discussion on using data from senior living malpractice claims to help guide changes. The primary focus is to understand the causes and contributing factors of resident injury due to falls in order to guide changes in practice to reduce those injuries and enhance the quality of life for those seniors at risk for falls.

Learning Objectives
1. Identify a safe environment for residents/patients who are high risk for falls.
2. List physical factors that put residents/patients at high risk for falls.
3. Conduct assessments on residents/patients who are high risk for falls.
4. Understand how to properly implement interventions to residents/patients that
    are at high risk for falls.
5. Identify various medications that increase the risk of falls.
6. Understand how restorative sleep can be used as a fall prevention strategy.