“More Than Alphabet Soup” - Clarifying the Mandated Programs that Impact Your Facility (PBJ, SNF QRP, SNF VBP, Five-Star, PDPM, SNF RoP)

Audience: SNF/NF Administrators, Nurses, Department Heads, Business Office Personnel, MDS Coordinators

The federal initiatives that are driving reimbursement, compliance, quality improvement and the public reporting of quality outcomes for SNF’s is extremely complicated and complex.  Just trying to understand the acronyms assigned to these CMS requirements and initiatives can be impossible at times!   What do each of these programs mean for your organization?  What data are you responsible to submit?  How much data is automatically reported and interpreted?  What reports should you be scrutinizing?  Do you have the ability to make corrections or additions?  How do you determine your performance in each?  Speakers Mary Jane Carothers and Brandon Hagen from IHCA will help you have better understanding of these CMS requirements and how plan for success in your operations.

DIA Food Services Regulations Review and Dietary Department Survey Update for A.L. and N.F.

Audience: Dietary Staff, N.F. Administrators, Assisted Living Managers

The purpose of this session is to help dietary department staff understand the regulations and the survey process in long-term care and assisted living facilities. Sandra Frahm from the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals will review nursing facility and assisted living dietary standards, food hygiene, food storage/temperatures, contracted food services, staff training, documentation requirements, and what to expect from DIAs health food inspections.