Date:              August 14, 2018

Location:        IHCA Education Center
                       1775 90th St.
                       West Des Moines, IA

Schedule:           8:00 a.m.  Registration/ Continental Breakfast
                          8:30 a.m.  Bronze Award Workshop
                        11:45 a.m.  Lunch (Provided)
                        12:15 p.m.  Bronze Award Workshop
                          4:00 p.m.  Adjourn


This workshop includes a full day of training and consultation on how to complete the AHCA/NCAL Bronze Quality Award Application. Participants will leave the workshop with their applications complete or with few areas to fill in if they do not bring all of the necessary information to the class.

What to Bring…

Please note that all information you bring is for your use only; it will not be shared or given to others at the workshop. These items are necessary to completing the application.

  • A laptop computer.
  • 2018 Bronze Quality Award Application which you can download from the AHCA Quality Awards website in August.
  • A copy of your mission statement (and your vision statement if you have one).
  • A list of your major employee groups, with number of desired employees for each group and any descriptions of minimum education levels for these groups that you have.
  • Summaries of resident, family and other satisfaction surveys that you have conducted in the last year.
  • An organizational chart of your parent company, if your facility is owned by a parent company.
  • A basic geographical description of your local market area, defined as the area from which you draw residents or other key customers and/or staff members.
  • The names of the data sources that you currently use to access comparative and competitive data.
  • A list of the steps of your process to fix problems or make improvements.
  • Identify one thing that you have improved or fixed using the steps you listed above. Include a numerical measure of the improvement. If you are a SNF, this should be clinical in nature.
  • If you are an assisted living provider, identify a second thing that you have improved or fixed using the steps listed above.