Dependent Adult Abuse – Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation is now becoming the most common form of elder abuse.  A recent study by MetLife, estimated the financial loss from elder financial exploitation was nearly 3 billion dollars annually. The exploitation of a dependent adult which means taking unfair advantage of a dependent adult or the adult's physical or financial resources for one's own personal or pecuniary profit, without the informed consent of the dependent adult, including theft, by the use of undue influence, harassment, duress, deception, false representation, or false pretensions. 

Cathy Stark, Dependent Adult Protection Manager from the Iowa Department of Human Services will review the state of Iowa’s Dependent Adult Abuse program which provides evaluations and assessments of alleged abused dependent adults. The session will include information on how to report incidents of abuse, how to gain assistants with cases of family member abuse, and additional resources for assistants. 

DIA Survey Update

Learn what the State Surveyors are focusing on during visits to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home health agencies. Rod Roberts and Dawn Fisk with DIA will talk about what facility/agency staff can expect during a DIA survey, the responsibilities of staff during a survey and how to work together to have a successful surveyor visit. Participants will be given a first-hand account of the survey process.

This education is a must-attend for all administrators, nurses, social workers, department heads and other staff leaders in your organization. By working together to get everyone on the same page, we can make these services and processes more efficient and effective, with the end result of providing better care and services for Iowans.

2 hours of CEUs for: Social Services, Nurses, Department Heads, Administrators, Assisted Living Managers