Keeping Your Community Clean, Comfortable and Infection Free

2.0 contact hours for: Environmental Services, Nurses, Department Heads, N.F. Administrators, Assisted Living Managers

With the present focus to reduce hospital re-admissions, the prevention and management of infection events at nursing homes and assisted living facilities is under DIA review.  The goals, duties and responsibilities of infection prevention don't solely reside with clinicians focused on quality initiatives. Reducing the outbreak and/or spread of germs and diseases is an objective belonging to all employees, right down to the frontline workers, which includes environmental services and housekeeping staff.

Part ONE of this education will review why Environmental Service and Housekeeping Professionals play such a crucial role in helping to prevent the spread of infections in healthcare facilities.  Discussion will focus on the types of infections, their modes of transmission, and proper infection control cleaning procedures. 

Part TWO will review CMS regulation requirements that effect the environmental services and housekeeping departments.  The areas of focus during a survey will be discussed including: infection control cleaning procedures, water temperatures, proper use of washing machines and dryers, appropriate use of personal protective equipment, facilities infection control evidence-based surveillance policy, chemical storage and hazardous items, oxygen storage, and all the other things that pertain to environmental services and housekeeping during survey.

Who should attend: Administrators, Nurses, A.L. Managers, Department Heads, Environmental Service Managers and Housekeeping staff.