This engaging 12-hour program will train, orient, and support your key CNAs so that they gain added status and responsibility; and REDUCE your turnover! You don't need additional staff or a big budget to kick-off or maintain a CNA mentoring program. This training program has everything your CNA mentor needs to get started right away. If your facility invests the time and energy, this program will help you reduce your facility's CNA turnover, save you money, and build a more loyal staff.

Program Description

This workshop for Certified Nursing Assistants, Assisted Living Caregivers and Home Health Aides is designed to educate and prepare the participants to assist you with decreasing turnover by applying effective training and orientation strategies.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on training, yet the availability of train-the-trainer programs in long term care have been non-existent, particularly one that specializes in CNA/Caregiver training.  IHCA has recognized this need and is offering this program to teach your key direct care/service staff to be successful in the training of new caregivers, and in reducing direct care staff turnover.

The core principles of this Mentoring Program will provide the participants with the information, tools, and techniques necessary to improve the orientation, training, and mentoring functions within the long term care environment.  The workshop is designed to engage participants in a way that support diverse learning styles.  Active participation will prepare the attendees to become specialists in orientation. 

Some of the topics covered and learning objectives include:

  1. Review current facts related to both short and long term turnover.
  2. Discuss strategies for developing and maintaining a positive attitude.
  3. Examine the impact of individual influence on the potential success of new staff.
  4. Explore three motivational theories and how they may shape a mentoring relationship.
  5. Compare criticism vs. constructive feedback.
  6. Exercise core concepts using role-play, case-study and problem-solving.

This course transforms CNAs/Caregivers into a specialist in peer development, coaching, mentoring and leadership. After successfully completing the 12-hour program, the CNA/Caregiver participant will earn a Course Certificate in Mentoring.  Each graduate will receive a certificate at the conclusion of the class.

It is highly recommended that someone from facility management team attend with their caregivers.  This reinforces support for what the students have learned and helps ensure successful implementation of practices at the facility level. 12 contact hours are available for Administrators, Nurses and ALMC, extra fee applies.