A myriad of workforce issues is affecting staff stability and patient care in the healthcare industry. Continued health care transformation compounded with mounting pressures amid the dynamics of a changing payment and delivery systems only exacerbate these issues. This creates an immediate need for health care leaders to integrate workforce development discussions into their strategic planning efforts. 

Successful health care managers recognize that quality staff is their most valuable assets. The task of attracting, retaining, motivating, training and rewarding outstanding employees is of the utmost importance. Hiring good people is just the beginning. Health care managers must be able to make the work and workplace meaningful. This program will review successful hiring and retention strategies and help you develop a framework for how to approach workforce planning in our rapidly changing system.

Participants will:

  • Understand the best practices in recruiting and retention strategies
  • Learn how to manage and engage a Millennial workforce
  • Gain a cross-generational understanding
  • Identify effective performance management
  • Describe the need for cultivating an engaged workforce and "best place to work" environment
  • Understand the difference between productive conflict vs. destructive conflict
  • Identify how to build and maintain trust amongst your staff