Medicaid Eligibility Review and
Iowa Department on Aging Update

2.0 contact hours for: Social Services, Nurses, Department Heads, N.F. Administrators, Assisted Living Managers

For the February District education, we welcome representatives from the Iowa Department of Human Services and Iowa Department on Aging.

Dawn Helm from the Iowa Department of Human Services will address qualifications for Medicaid approval, financial screening tools, advice on minimizing the risk of eligibility denial and collection strategies, getting assistance for outstanding cases, preventing delays in the Medicaid application process, and other issues related to Medicaid eligibility.

Brian Majeski from the Iowa Department on Aging and Office of Substitute Decision Maker (OSDM) will discuss the initiative that is helping assist and protect Iowans - including the frail and elderly - who have impairments that compromise their decision-making capacity.  Brian’s presentation will focus on Iowa specific information related to guardianship, conservatorships, the role of the function and scope of the OSDM, living wills, and elder abuse prevention and awareness.

This 2-hour training is a must-attend for all social service staff, nurses, department heads, administrators, assisted living managers, home health care staff. By working together to get everyone on the same page, we can make these services and processes more efficient and effective, with the result of providing better quality care and services for the residents and/or patients you serve.