A New Era for Medicare Home Health Services has Arrived!

Iowa is one of the nine states selected to be part of the Home Health Services Value Based Purchasing Pilot (HHVBP) program.

Your agency will be competing against all the other agencies in the state to win payment bonuses and avoid payment reductions based on the quality of your care. Starting in 2016, your agency has the opportunity to qualify for a bonus payment up to 3%and rising to 8% over the next five years. However, agencies are also at risk of payment reductions in the same 3-8% range if their performance is below average.

To help home health agencies succeed, we have developed a day-long, intensive educational program on HHVBP with our partner, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC). Together, we have assembled an incredible team of experts from across the country with one goal: getting you the keys to success in HHVBP.

This program covers all the bases: from a detailed review of the HHVBP program standards to strategic planning, use of crucial data dashboards, administrative, clinical, and financial operations best practices in HHVBP, and state-specific plans of action.  The program includes these sessions:

I. Overview of the design and composition of HHVBP

II. How to Design and Implement an HHVBP Strategic Plan

III. Establishing Essential Data Dashboards for HHVBP


Integrating data/measures into performance
Best practices strategies
Prioritization of changes

Establishing benchmarks for performance
Assignment of resources/budgeting
Return on Investment (ROI) prioritization

V. HHVBP Open Forum

Panelists from the state joining with faculty presenting best HHVBP practices in an interactive session