Mary Sharp and Rachel Kail (a mother/daughter team of seasoned speaking professionals) are also practitioners who cared for the matriarch of their family during her final remarkable chapter. They have added to their knowledge of communication with those who have dementia through their speaking across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Rachel Kail, while earning her degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida, career plans took a right turn when her grandmother’s dementia became more severe. She quickly adjusted her focus and, as a student of dementia, found her passion. For several years, Rachel has interviewed and learned from dementia care experts around the world. From that gathering of wisdom and her personal experiences, she shares insight that is “wise beyond her years.”

Mary Sharp is a veteran educator and founder of The Edcon Group. For over 30 years she has specialized in creating activities and learning experiences that achieve major, positive results. Mary’s work took a dramatic turn in 1995 when her mother had multiple strokes resulting in advanced vascular dementia. The intense love for her mother and genuine interest in the condition steered her to a new career. Now she teaches families and health care professionals how to build Active Living environments.