Working with the State Ombudsman and DIA to Achieve Positive Results

Administrators, Department Heads and other staff leaders CAN work together with DIA and the Ombudsman and have good things happen!

Giving our long term care residents and tenants the best in care and services is a statewide team effort. From caregivers to department heads to administrators to DIA surveyors and the State LTC Ombudsman Office, we all have the same goal - doing what's best for the people we serve.

At the July District meeting and education we will welcome representatives from the State Ombudsman Office and Department of Inspection and Appeals to discuss how their staff and your staff can make the most of this joint mission.

Ombudsman Program
Deanna Clingan-Fisher from the State Ombudsman Office will review the ombudsman's role and responsibilities in working with a facility on the residents' behalf. Facility staff will learn how they can be a part of helping to resolve a resident's or family's concerns to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Deana will also explain the Ombudsman Office's Substitute Decision Maker initiative that is helping assist and protect Iowans - including the frail and elderly - who have impairments that compromise their decision making capacity.

DIA Program
Rod Roberts with DIA will talk about what facility employees can expect during a DIA staff visit to the facility, the responsibilities of facility department heads during a survey and how to work together to have a successful survey.

This education is a must-attend for all administrators, department heads and other staff leaders in your organization. By working together to get everyone on the same page, we can make these services and processes more efficient and effective, with the end result of providing better care and services for Iowans.