Keeping Your Head above Water with Humor and Laughter
Speaker: Sally Shaver DuBois
Finding a balance between a professional life and a personal life can be a challenge for any Health Care Assistant. Life is full of many ups, downs and distractions that can take your focus away from what is important. This funny and informative session will give practical information and techniques that can be used immediately to help Health Care Assistants enhance motivation, improve stress management, promote health and workplace wellness, and increase productivity and morale.

A Health Care Assistants Guide to Dependent Adult Abuse
Speaker: Lynn Boes
What is Dependent Adult Abuse? How do you recognize when someone has been abused? What are my responsibilities to report suspected abuse and who do I report it to? This session will provide Health Care Assistants with an overview of selected categories of dependent adult abuse including financial misappropriation (missing medications and other resident property), negligent denial of critical care, as well as, recent judicial decisions related to Iowa’s dependent adult abuse laws.

The Year of the Health Care Assistant Luncheon and Program
This special luncheon will feature lots of surprises and prizes. There will be several guest speakers who will honor the participants and share with them why “Health Care Assistants are the Heart of Quality Care”.

Stop and Watch! Identifying and Reporting Resident/Tenant Health Changes
Speaker: Brenda Irlbeck-Kreitzinger
Details.. details… details… Or are they just details? What you might think is unimportant or trivial could be a vital clue to a subtle change in a resident/tenant. Certified Nursing Assistants and Direct Caregivers work with our frail and elderly so closely that they are the key to identifying changes before they become an undesired health status setback. New tools will be unveiled to assist health care assistants to guide their thoughts and ability to put those thoughts into words. This session will show you how to develop your own detective skills and learn how to communicate what you find in order to make sure that residents/tenants get the best quality of care.

Taking the High Road of Life – Your Personal GPS to Triumph
Speaker: Lauren Schieffer
Are we there yet? Everyone travels a different path but most people long for success in their personal and professional lives. While everyone’s journey through life is unique, there are certain guide posts that are identical on everyone’s road. This humorous program highlights those road signs on everyone’s life journey that are essential to success. Participants will learn how to stop wandering around and actually get where they want to be in life.