Iowa Health PAC

The Iowa Health Care Association launched its political action committee, Iowa Health PAC, in 1980 to boost the association’s advocacy efforts at the State Capitol. Iowa Health PAC is dedicated to long term services and supports (LTSS) advocacy in Iowa. Its goal is to further the interests of LTSS by actively supporting legislators who understand the issues impacting care and the need to provide quality care to Iowa’s frail and elderly citizens within the long term care continuum.

For nearly 40 years, Iowa Health PAC has worked with individuals from across the political spectrum: Democrats and Republicans, from state legislators to Iowa’s governor, to fight for improvement in our state’s long term care profession. Today, Iowa Health PAC raises funds that will support candidates in their elections and beyond as they seek to preserve access to long term services and supports for Iowa’s frail and elderly. Iowa Health PAC Campaign Brochure.

Contribution levels
Members can strengthen the long term care continuum’s collective voice by contributing at any of these recommended levels:

Multi-facility owner/CEO $5,000
Independent facility owner/CEO $2,500
Administrator $1,000
Other $100-$500

How to contribute 

Every IHCA member organization - multi-facility, single facility, proprietary and nonproprietary - can ask their management-level employees to commit to Iowa Health PAC through one of the following methods.

Credit Card/Pay Pal: Easiest way to contribute. Make a one-time payment or set up a scheduled payment in seconds.

Individual payment: Iowa Health PAC can bill individuals once or more times a year for the amount they indicate.  Allows contribution to be spread out throughout the year.

Payroll deduction plan: Allows a corporation or facility to set up automatic deductions from individuals' payroll checks to Iowa Health PAC.

Automated Clearing House (ACH): Creates an electronic transfer directly from the individual’s bank account; much like an electronic bill pay.

IHCA Education Fund (527): Facilities can make a deposit in the IHCA Education Fund that makes contributions to support long term care issue advocacy instead of specific candidates or elected officials. For more information, email

Political Action Committees in Iowa are regulated by Iowa Code Chapter 68A.102 and the administrative rules at Iowa Administrative Code Section 351, Chapter 4.

In compliance with state regulations, Iowa Health PAC can only accept personal checks or credit cards. Corporate contributions cannot be accepted. Contributions or gifts to Iowa Health PAC are non-refundable and not deductible charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Please do not seek reimbursement from your company for a political donation.

For more information about Iowa Health PAC or compliance with accountability and disclosure requirements, email

How are contributions determined?
The Iowa Health PAC Committee tracks and reviews the records of candidates for state office and determines its level of support on an annual basis. The committee is not affiliated with any political party.

PAC funds are distributed to political candidates in the form of contributions and are allocated based on an individual's record on long term services and supports issues.

Why should I contribute?
Contributing to the PAC ensures that you are aggressively represented when long term services and supports issues are addressed at the statehouse. Without a robust and coordinated political effort, the voice of long term services and supports in Iowa may not be heard. Iowa Health PAC ensures that the long term care continuum is consistently at the table when decisions affecting the profession are made.

By contributing to Iowa Health PAC, you are supporting the legislative efforts and positions of the Iowa Health Care Association and ensuring that those positions are known well by Iowa elected leaders.

All Iowa Health PAC contributors are recognized during the annual IHCA Convention and Trade Show.