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IHCA FoundationWe are building a long term services and supports workforce that is well trained, skilled and dedicated to providing the best in quality care to Iowa’s frail and elderly

The IHCA Foundation (501c3) is committed to developing quality long term services and supports professionals. The Foundation carries out this commitment by providing annual scholarships for the employees of Iowa Health Care Association, Iowa Center for Assisted Living and Iowa Center for Home Care member organizations who are furthering their health care education at accredited universities and colleges.

The generosity of the John R. and Zelda Z. Grubb Charitable Foundation, the IHCA Memorial Fund, HPSI, The Vetter Foundation, the IHCA Districts and Allied Groups make it possible for the IHCA Foundation to award as many as 30 $1,000 scholarships each year to members’ employees who have exhibited a commitment to the long term care profession and the frail and elderly they serve.

For Foundation scholarship recipients, this means an opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills in one of the fastest growing professions in the nation. For IHCA member organizations, it means a better trained staff to provide a higher level of quality care and to achieve a higher satisfaction rating from residents, clients, family members and staff.

2018 IHCA Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Giving Opportunities
As Iowa’s baby boomers begin utilizing long term services and supports, the demand for services will increase at an alarming rate. To prevent a crisis in staffing, the long term services and supports profession must meet the demands head on by promoting all levels of employment within the entire continuum of the long term services and supports.

Join the IHCA Foundation in promoting the long term services and supports profession by supporting students who share our commitment and dedication to the frail and elderly we serve. To learn more about how you can help support the Iowa Health Care Association Foundation, contact Cindy Baddeloo, IHCA Sr. VP & COO, at 800.422.3106.