Advocacy Update

All citizens are represented by elected officials at the various levels of government—local, state, federal. Every constituent has the right to be represented and to be heard, and to “lobby” for their particular interest, business or organization.

No one knows better the operations and complexities of your profession, business or organization than you do. That makes you the expert in your community and with your legislators. They appreciate hearing from constituents they know and trust. Legislators are confronted with hundreds of issues, many of which they must take action on. They rely on trusted experts, like you, who can help them better understand the many issues before them.

Communicating with Legislators

To help you discuss key issues with your elected officials, the Iowa Health Care Association has developed the following resources:

1. 2019 Legislative Session Report - This report includes a summary of the legislative outcomes for the long-term care profession from the 2019 state legislative session. (Requires member login)

2. District-specific Economic Impact Reports - These reports highlight the economic impact long-term care providers make in each legislative district - to aid in demonstrating to your specific elected official why these issues are so vitally important to address.

3. Legislator Visit Toolkit - When the legislature is out of session, it is the perfect time to connect with your elected officials in your home district. This toolkit provides resources to help you plan a legislator visit to your organization.

Find Your Legislator

To find your state legislators' contact information:

1. Go to the Iowa General Assembly website’s “Find Your Legislator” section at
2. Enter your workplace address (or your home address), and select “city” from the drop-down menu, and click “Search.”
3. Your State Senator and State House of Representatives member should appear.
4. Click on your Representative’s highlighted name.
5. His/her informational page will appear, under “Other Information” is his/her email and phone number.
6. Either call his/her home phone (if listed) or write an email message (being sure to identify yourself and your facility) and send to the legislator's listed email.

Advocacy Resources
Nursing facilities, assisted livings, residential care facilities and senior independent living providers can go the AHCA/NCAL Advocacy webpage to get the latest on federal legislation pertaining to them. The actions of our government have an enormous impact so please educate yourself and take action.

Visit the AHCA NCAL Advocacy Center to learn more about the current issues that you can help influence by contacting your elected officials in Washington D.C. Use the website  to easily send a message to Iowa's Congressional delegation on the issues that matter to you the most and the people you serve.

Home health and hospice providers can visit the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) Legislative Action Center for information on current federal issues affecting their profession. By clicking on a given issue, you can learn more about the issue and then edit the message provided and send an email to your federal legislator.

Be a Care Advocate
The best way for legislators, congressmen, governor and local leaders to learn about the needs of the long-term care profession and the frail and elderly we serve is to see your program in action! AHCA/NCAL has a toolkit full of advocacy resources for members to use. Visit their advocacy webpage to see all that's available or check out the documents listed below. These resources can help you learn how to use the AHCA/NCAL Care Advocacy Center and be an influential advocate of long term services and supports.