Implementing QI Projects to Improve Staff Stability, Clinical Care and Organizational Success

2 hours of CEUs for: Nurses, Department Heads, N.F. Administrators, and Assisted Living Managers

Participants in the 2016-2017 IHCA Leadership Academy will be presenting their quality improvement projects that include remarkable stories on how their facilities have been able to dramatically improve staff engagement by implementing leadership practices that have led to reductions in staff turnover, increased regulatory compliance, and improved Five Star Ratings while improving patient care outcomes.  Attendees will hear first-hand accounts from Academy participants about how to implement QAPI practices and QI teams led by involved employees which created systematic performance improvement within their organizations.

Also included in this session: Medicaid/Payment Updates

This 30-minute session will include discussion on areas such as the Elimination of the 90 day Retroactive coverage benefit and ways for providers to prepare/best practices to ensure the care is covered. There will also be a review of the estimated rebase figures and impacts to providers as well as recent miscellaneous MCO news.

Teaming Up Activities & Dietary to Make “Food Fun”

2 hours of CEUs for: Activities, Dietary, N.F. Administrators, and Assisted Living Managers

What do you get when you team-up Activity and Dietary Professionals? You get a recipe for successful events, happy residents/tenants, and a marketing advantage.  Join Julie Halfpop, Dietary Consultant from Martin Brothers as she discusses theming ideas for holidays and special events in your facility. This fun, upbeat education will be a hands-on approach to making “Food Fun”.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to event planning.
2. Increase awareness of resources available to event planning.
3. Understand how to utilize the team approach to plan innovate events.